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IC Information
Name: Izuminokami Kanesada
Canon: Touken Ranbu
Gender: Male
Age: Physically 25.  Chronologically 149.
-Canon-Character-Swordsmith-Previous Owner-Organization-

Izuminokami Kanesada gains his name from a prestigious title given to his purported the 11th generation Aizu Kanesada.  This title had only been shared with Nosada Kanesada in the clan. Izuminokami was a sword requested by Hijikata Toshizou.  He was an uchigitana fashioned after Hijikata's wakizashi - Horikawa Kunihiro - and so the two of them share several physical similarities.

Izuminokami has known only one master in battle and became a well-known sword of the Shinsengumi's Vice-Chief Hijikata Toshizou.  These men were an elite group of swordsmen who served as a special police force in the later years of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

Ultimately, when Hijikata left for the battle what he supposedly knew would claim his life, he sent Izuminokami Kanesada back to his family.  Izuminokami Kanesada has been under the care of the Hijikata family since, and now is kept at the Hijikata Toshizou museum.  He is put out on display once a year, on the anniversary of his master's death.

In Touken Ranbu's timeline, Izuminokami is among the swords summoned by the Saniwa in 2205 and given a humanoid form so that he may properly battle the forces that threaten to change history.  Izuminokami is sent back in time with the other swords to ensure that history takes its intended course - even if it means ensuring the death of his master.

Personality: “I am Izuminokami Kanesada. I'm cool and strong! Recently, I'm a popular sword.”

Upon first meeting, it becomes quickly apparently that Izuminokami certainly does not lack a sense of self-esteem. He gives off the notion of a cocky individual, and is self assured in everything that he says. Even his dialect comes off as one of a young punk's and he offers little formality to his master. Given his age, it very well could be that he's going through his rebellious stage. He certainly seems to puff out his chest enough to indicate such!

Despite his rather haughty tone, Izuminokami does prove to take his position rather seriously. When given duties in battle, he shows that he does not want to make an error and takes the responsibility of his allies' victory very seriously. Conflict is an area in which Izuminokami truly shines, as he is energetic and throws himself into the heat of battle with his head held high. He does not take the time to second-guess his actions on the battlefield, charging through in order to cut down his opponent.

He often mentions that his style of swordsmanship is unconventional, and he's not above using means such as grappling and throwing sand into his opponents faces. Izuminokami shows little regard for sticking to 'honorable' techniques and more focused on killing his opponents. When faced with the idea of sparring for fun, he complains about his inability to use 'killing blows' and having to conform to the more 'traditional' ways of swordplay. (Though he does go through with it, and begins to realize that he can strengthen his “wrong” way of fighting by learning the right way of fighting.)

While he often throws himself into battle, he still cares deeply for his comrades. Often he wishes to take in a role as leader or even “vice-captain” so that he can have a hand in control of the well-being of their mission. He wants those around him to succeed, and is quick to compliment those or show his satisfaction when hearing that his allies have returned from a successful expedition or completed mission. He strives to be victorious in any venture he sets out to do, and cares deeply about “winning” in the end.

Though Izuminokami shows that he's still a young sword with his actions outside of battle though. He often complains when met with menial labor and even tries to pawn of his work on other swords (especially Kunihiro) if he can get away with it. When his attempts at avoiding “busy work” are thwarted, he gets huffy much like a child. Even when he's sent out on an expedition, he shows apprehension to having to do work that isn't directly related to combat. Izuminokami is very forthright about his thoughts, and spares little thought to the consequences of what he's saying or the feelings of someone else. When given troops, he'll remark that it is in good taste and go about attempting to organize them to his own liking. He'll boast that he doesn't just think “It's fine as long as it can be used” and is very meticulous about organizing things for himself. If taken shopping, he'll quickly inform his 'master' that he won't be sparing them any money if they don't have enough – thinking that their master should be able to support themselves.

He has a deep love for organization and wishes for everyone around him to fall into that same sort of organization. He speaks of bushido and samurai code as a sturdy outline for how things should be approached and how his allies should be presenting themselves about the citadel. Now, of course, these are rules that he will be happy to outline for anyone who wishes to ask him – always ready to jump in and be a little 'bossy' if need be.

This young sword also has thing for presenting himself in a very specific way. He mentions that it's not enough to be useful, but one must be “pretty” as well – and often focuses on it being an important factor in his life. He even mentions that good looks could very well be considered a “secondary” weapon. When left idle, he'll openly ask if the saniwa has been bewitched by his own good looks and that's why they are left speechless. His appearance is very important to him, as he feels it embodies some form of his honor and is also a gambit he can use in a situation that may call for it.

When it comes to Kunihiro, Izuminokami seems to be confused about just why the other dotes over him so. He mentions with great amusement that the other began to call himself Kanesada's assistant without consulting him, though he doesn't seem to mind given that he's deem Kunihiro “quite helpful.” Probably because the other seems to spoil him and wishes to assist Izuminokami with any potential work that he can.

Powers/Abilities: Izuminokami is a tsukomogami, or an object that have been bestowed with a soul. He's been given a human appearance by the Saniwa. His true body is his sword and greatly influences the condition of his human form. If his blade is damaged, his body will be marred to reflect this.

While he can serve a great deal of damage in general, Izuminokami does not have astounding stats when it comes to a critical hit. His mobility and stealthiness are also rather unremarkable – but his ability in battle is well rounded, one of the stronger uchigitanas in the game.

Unfortunately, his hair seems to get in the way of his ability to scout... .

- Everyday outfit: His many layers of clothing, including the Shinsengumi Haori. -Chore Uniform: Really, all he needs are a pair of black pants and a white tie to help tie back the sleeves.
-Katana-kake: A resting place for his actual body. Sword's Forge: Integral in fixing a damaged sword.
-Uchiko : Finely ground stone powder in a silk ball, used to help maintain a blade. - Raw Materials: Steel, coolant, whetstones, and wood as there are all resources need to repair a weapon.
-Cherry Blossom Petals: Falling sakura pedals have a tendency to make their appearance when a sword is summoned, when they rank up, and when their spirits are high...

Also the actual uchigitana Izuminokami Kanesada is a must, given that this is Izuminokami's true body. Without it, he simply would cease to be...

Sample: "Collect information. Watch for a diversion!"

Despite his hushed tone, Izuminokami's orders are clear as he organizes his troops. His men begin to disperse, and he takes it upon himself to move forward of his own accord. There was no chance that the young firebrand wouldn't take the situation into his own hands, especially when the success of his allies could hinge on a successful scouting trip.

If pushing forward meant that his family could be assured a victory this time, then how could he resist? Especially after their last attempt at this battle had been met with a catastrophic loss. A loss that cost them lives from their unit.

A loss that had left its mark on the citadel and left an uneasy silence in Izuminokami's day-to-day. After years of that guy being his self-proclaimed assistant, what had given Kunihiro the right to up and quit? No assistant of his was suppose to-


No, no. He had to focus on the task at hand. Focus on masking his own foot falls as his boots collide with stone while he wanders through darkened streets. A silence that often signaled the start of a battle, didn't it? It was an eerie tranquility that left a warriors soul in stand-by. The calm before a whirlwind of gun smoke and the clattering of steel that all ultimately served as a false promise.

Izuminokami inched onward, and yet received no sign of an enemy. He was slowly growing more and more apprehensive, beginning to sense that something was certainly off. Their enemy was supposed to be here.


Why wouldn't they be?

He turns another corner, following what he remembered from the discussions prior to embarking. Tracing the coordinates he'd seen on paper over in his mind and translating them in his steps as he surveys their surroundings. Pushes forward into a clearing of buildings-

He recognizes the screams of men as they charge forward. His men. His allies. Confusion raises in his head. The battle had began? But they hadn't even had the chance to get into a proper formation. He was removed from his allies...!

He had to make a retreat back to meet up with them-

Gunfire rings out, drowning out the sounds of soldiers and the groans of catapults. It was all drowned out by ringing in his ears. The sound overtook everything. Even as his legs stumbled and slid out from under him. Even as his body hit the ground and his cheek connected with stone.

The world blurred and his mind slipped with it momentarily. A distant haze wrapped around his consciousness, threatening to pull it from his body as his thoughts idled.

Had he been shot? This was an ambush, were his allies okay? They-

They couldn't lose! They can't lose--!

That thought is enough to have him clawing his way back to reality. Izuminokami lifts his torso, pushing up with his arms in every attempt to stand, only to find that he can't.

In fact, he can't feel his legs at all. A panic begins to take hold and he quickly turns to see if they were still attached. They were, but.

There was no sensation. His heart begins to pound at the realization that they had been rendered useless. He was on the verge of becoming useless. No, he simply wouldn't accept! They were underestimating him if they thought they could simply take him out of the running with a cheap shot.

In a fit of stubbornness, the young man shifts his weight, rolling over onto his back so that he could face whatever enemy descended upon him. He balls up one of his fists, the other clutching onto his sword as he pushed himself to sit up. His teeth gnashed together as took a swing at one of the enemy tantous that approached him, screaming out as he cut him down.

And for a moment, Izuminokami felt smug in overcoming a rather large handicap. Maybe there was hope with overcoming an ambush. He can't help but smirk.

He's still smirking when an enemy wakazashi's blade crushes through the vertebrae in his neck and skewers his throat. It's an action that happens so fast that Izuminokami can barely react. Instead, the young man slowly tilts his head back as he sputters a thick mix of saliva and blood. His head trembles from the strain as he looks up at the towering enemy wakazashi, its bladed leg firmly dug into the back of his neck.

Not that he has time to think, as the thing's limb begins to jerk and pull, slicing away the flesh of his neck until it freed itself from Izuminokami's body. Izuminokami continues to clutch onto the handle of his blade, even as he's sawed into white-hot pain floods the back of his eyes. His torso convulses, though he doesn't feel it, as it fights against the blood that had begun to spill into his lungs.

The whole time, all he can do is stare. Stare wide-eyed into the visage of this monster. Of their enemy.

He didn't win.


Not that the sword truly has the chance to lament this. He's dead by the time his body falls back to the ground, still gripping the handle of his broken blade.

Mindset: While the concept of death is certainly not foreign to any sword, Izuminokami is a young sword in comparison to the other swords in the series. He is disturbed by the idea of his own failure, having a tendency to beat himself over not being strong enough to survive. The logic that "everything dies" is ingrained in him, but Izuminokami never really had the chance or need to grapple with this until now.

G̶̶l̨͡i̵͢t̷c͝͠h̕é͠s̷̷͡: In high-stress situations, Izuminokami has the tendency to take charge and immerse himself in the action.  Allusions to failure, especially one of his own are likely to shake him.  The destruction or death of his allies is also something that has the possibility of deeply affecting him.  The reminders of his own destruction will also bother him, as he knows he is no longer of use to the Saniwa or his living allies. The idea that he failed his mission is something that deeply grates on him. The idea of being on display and falling into obscurity also tends to make him uncomfortable. Izuminokami is a young sword, and one who only saw a handful of battles in comparisons to other swords. This idea that he is useless and or obsolete rather than live out his purpose as an tool for protection.


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